I made my first but not last visit to the Tasteful Kitchen this evening and it was awesome. I started off with a fresh organic juice served in a small martini style glass. The juice was made from beets, apples and ginger. (There was another ingredient, but for the life of me can’t remember it). This was followed by the Creamy Carrot and Avocado soup and a fresh salad of greens with red peppers, mushrooms, carrots, sliced apples in a ginger based dressing. Made reservations for this weekend, it was that good and fresh….tempted to deduct a star because they were out of the Mean Green Ice Cream and Lemon Basil Sorbet, but hopefully it will be there on Saturday to try, sounds really good….I didn’t experience any negativity from the wait staff, in fact I found all 3 to be friendly.
– Timothy B.