My partner and I were each impressed with the food we were served, and we had completely different dishes.  He had a macrobiotic plate that left him longing to come back for another meal, or, maybe the exact same meal.

I came in wanting something light and cleansing, raw vegan, with no protein.  This was customized from a menu item by the chef, who, along with her sister, the woman who served, were the two owners of the restaurant.  This accounts the very personal nature of the restaurant – a family business.

The raw carrot juice/avocado soup/smoothie in the martini glass was very agreeable, indeed.  The salad had a tasty sweet/sour dressing and a variety of vegetables in it, and a few pieces of fruit thrown in for good measure.  It was the perfect main dish for me that evening, and my partner felt the same about his heartier meal of cooked grains and veggies.  Kudos to the chef!

We’re definitely going back to The Tasteful Kitchen the next time we’re in Tucson.