Walnuts lend a touch of elegance to many vegan dishes. Whether tossed into salads, added as a topping to your breakfast cereal, or simply enjoyed as a gourmet snack, walnuts promise a sophisticated flavor profile that elevates every dish.

$3.90 / LB

Here at the Tasteful Kitchen, our purpose is to help you sustain deep, long term lifestyle patterns of health and nutrition.  This kind of lifestyle will be sustainable over the long term as long as you’re eating affordable meals that you love. With this in mind, we’re now offering an ever growing list of low-cost pantry items! A well-stocked vegan pantry is more than just a collection of plant-based foods. It’s a tool that empowers you to create nutritious, flavorful meals. As you begin to load your pantry shelves with more and more ultra-healthy and life sustaining plant-based foods, remember that variety is key. Not only is it the “spice of life” but it’s also crucial in ensuring you get a wide range of nutrients on a day-to-day basis. It will also help keep your meals interesting. Please also remember that as a company, we’re HIGHLY responsive to customer input. If there are pantry items you need, and that we don’t yet offer, please let us know! You’ll be amazed how often we can accommodate your requests, once we know what you need.