Our Values

At the Tasteful Kitchen, we believe that fresh food is fundamental.

To live well, one must eat well.



We want you to love the experience of tasting what you’re eating. Deliciousness comes about by preparing food with intentional simplicity, without distracting from the natural flavors of the ingredients.



Customer Happiness is not a mere catchphrase; it’s a way of doing business. It’s a culture where our customers come first. To back this up, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our pledge to our customers is that they will be delighted with every order, every time.



Minimal waste, minimal additives, minimal processing, minimal harm to our world and everything that lives in it. We aim to achieve this without sacrificing flavor, creativity, or variety. That’s where artistry comes into play!



Innovation is about relentlessly striving to make our products healthier and more delicious, even as we grow. It’s about continually evolving, and leveraging new technologies, without ever losing touch with the fact that our business is built on personal relationships with customers we care about.



Our purpose is to nourish people. We start with flavors you love and transform them into healthy products you can enjoy. We want you to enjoy every bite, and then feel better when you wake up the next day.



Serving our beloved Tucson community is our primary mission. We aim to contribute to our community through every aspect of our service, and to support others who share this same mission. Currently, we contribute a portion of our revenues to a local animal rescue charity. We welcome new partnerships with like-minded organizations!

We believe every human on this planet deserves the opportunity to eat healthy, wholesome, and spectacularly delicious food. Our meals aren’t gourmet because they are complex; they are gourmet because of the natural flavor and quality that comes from sourcing fresh ingredients and combining them with love and artistry. The highest purpose of our work is to enhance our relationships with our bodies and the elements of our natural environment: the soil, the water, the plants and the animals that coexist with us on this earth.