The Tasteful Kitchen
  • Cool down in the hot weather with our ultra refreshing hibiscus iced tea. Freshly made with local hibiscus flowers, water and pure cane sugar. Our 18 oz bottle contains enough tea for 3 servings.  
  • Since 1972, the Strawberry Festival in Ponchatoula Louisiana has attracted visitors throughout the world to celebrate local strawberry farmers, non-profits, and their local community. This event has flourished into the largest harvest festival in the state of Louisiana. Our home-canned strawberries would fit in well in Ponchatoula around this time of year, but they’re even better in your pantry here in Tucson, where you can enjoy them with your oatmeal, toast, cookies, smoothie or cheesecake. Psst. Want to know a secret? Even the syrup is tasty. Try it! Made with whole strawberries, filtered water, fresh lemon juice, and just a dash of turbinado sugar, these berries capture the pure goodness of early summer. We have a limited number of jars, so try them now while you can.


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